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Fecal incontinence Diapers, Products for light to heavy Bowel Incontinence

Internet Diaper carries fecal incontinence diapers. It also carries other incontinence products for bowel incontinence in other categories, such as odor eliminators and skin creams. Self care items are really useful to protect the skin and eliminate odors at home or on the go. Bowel incontinence diapers are heavier products made to perform well in case of an accident. There's even a reusable product, the Ultra-Fit Reusable brief, that is made for fecal incontinence, is washable, and is bleach-able.

Whether you've got light or heavy bowel incontinence, if you are getting older, it is important to note that this condition is not a normal part of aging. It is many times treatable when taking care of the underlying cause. If you're using fecal incontinence diapers, check with your doctor to see if there's anything you can do to lessen or stop your symptoms. Also, see our article on kegel exercises to help strengthen those muscles and hopefully lessen your symptoms.